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Being the Top best school in Mainpuri, we present an excellent educational profile, quality curriculum and variety of co-curricular activities for your child’s holistic growth. Our well qualified teaching and non teaching staff makes the institution inclusive for every child and helps students to overcome every obstacle they face during their school life. At Dr Kiran saujiya Sr Sec Edu. Academy, our mission is to nurture students in such a way that they will be ready for competition at a local as well as a global level. Being the best CBSE school in Mainpuri we offer a curriculum which encourages our students to push limits and reach heights. Our courses are designed in such a way which helps the students achieve quality education and accomplish their goals. The campus is well equipped to assist every need of the student and smoothens the learning process.

Dr Kiran saujiya Sr. Sec. Edu. Academy (KSA) is th educational initiative of Adarsh Rashtriya group of Institutions, where Students are nurtured under the guidance of well qualified teachers. The School believes in strong academics by integration the best international methods with world class infrastructure and technology. through activity-based learning, multiple intelligence, play way methods and individual students focus approach combined with indian Values like, Discipline and Hard work, we nurture our students to be future ready for both indian and Global challenges.

Our values for the development of children at KSA-are more than just a statement-they depict the ways of life: I Development of self-esteem I Induction of Responsibility and Morality. I Education by monitoring. I Harnessing of optomizing Academic, Leadership And Creative potential I Development of critical, analytical and independent thinking.


Dr Kiran saujiya Sr Sec Edu. Academy is now open for admissions for the academic year 2022-23. We at Dr Kiran saujiya Sr Sec Edu. Academy offers one of the finest education from elementary to secondary. Our school is one of the no 1 best school in mainpuri and well established institutes offering one of the finest education.
At Dr Kiran saujiya Sr Sec Edu. Academy, our team comprises the teachers who understand the individual needs of every child and help them carve their unique paths. We focus on students' integrated development by brushing up on their personality development traits, leadership skills, interaction proficiency and most importantly communication efficiency. All these inculcations highlight the dedication of our school to its students and their future.


A child fits well in a school where they meet people from various backgrounds and learn lessons from them. Dr Kiran saujiya Sr Sec Edu. Academy is considered one of the most refined senior secondary schools in Mainpuri also because we offer the best infrastructure a school can have along with interactive fairs and competitions. Our infrastructure is well equipped to carry out activities like yoga, sports like badminton and cricket as well as smart learning.
We train our students through various activities like inter-school competitions, music, debate, JAM, clubs and physical exercise classes so that they are publicly ready and face the challenges with confidence. We offer well equipped maths and science labs, a digital board facility and a Campus care facility to track the academic record.

We believe that to frame the pieces in order, a child needs to have refined personality, filtered communication skills and most importantly confidence to carry themselves and the qualities taught. Due to these aligning factors, Dr Kiran saujiya Sr Sec Edu. Academy is voted as one of the best schools in Mainpuri and also the best CBSE school in Mainpuri. So to avail of these facilities and offer your child a quality education, secure an admission today at your own Dr Kiran saujiya, Sr Sec Edu. Academy.

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