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  1. Students are to maintain a high standard of good manners and general behavior.
  2. .hey should be polite and well-behaved within the school compoound and outside, and nurture qualities of respect for elders and teachers. honesty and truthfulness. at all times and places. They should always remember Meat the school image is judged by their conduct.
  3. Student are exhorted to be orderly, clean in person and mind, neatly dressed, well behaved at all times and co-operate in maintaining the cleanliness of the school,dassroomandcampus.
  4. Absolute silence must be absented during the general assembly, and while moving into the classroom and In the classroom, even in the absence of teachers. During the recess students will not behave riotously or viciously.
  5. In the absence of the teachers, the Monitor assumes full responsibility for maintenance of orderanddiscipline in tiled-its, a duty which hemust fulfill loyallyand Impartially.
  6. Students given any responsibility should undertake it dutifully and Impartially In accordance with the directions of the Principal or teacherdeputed by him.
  7. Students must not walk about In the verandah an around the classroom diming the class hours.
  8. Students should not write, carve or scratch on the school walls or deface theschoolfumiture.
  9. Respect for one's property and the school property as well as those belonging to others In the mark of well-bred and responsible Student.
  10. Students must always speak in English in the school conversation.
  11. All students must be In possession of a copy of this school hand¬book whichmust be brought to school daily.
  12. Each student is responsible for hisfher things and the school will riot be responsible for the loss of books, money, clothes, water Bottles etc. of the student. It is advisable not to bring any valuables to school.
  13. Books, comics newspapers, pictures, periodicals, Mobile phone transistors or instruments not pertaining to their (lady work and not approved by the PrIncipal, must not be brought to school.
  14. Articles found In the school premises are to be handed over to the office.
  15. .Students must not throw out waste paper or food stuffs any where In the school premises, except In the bins provided for the purpose.
  16. Students are not allowed to visit the staffroom, unless required to do so by any teacher.
  17. Students will not leave the school campus on any account during theschool hours.
  18. Late corners and absentees will not be admitted to class without the written sanction of the Principal.
  19. No collection for any purpose whatsoever may be made without the express sanction of the Principal.
  20. A collective petition or complaint will not be entertained but individual complaint will beextended sympathetic consideration.
  21. Studentsare strictly forebidden to usebikeforthelr conveyance.
  22. All the students must be in the proper school uniform prescribed by the school aslong as they are on the campus.
  23. Day scholar students are not allowed to bring and supply and edible items to the hostellers at ay circumstances.
  24. Students are strictly advised and reminded not to bring ant possess any sort of obscene literature, books, magazines and gadgets violating school's sanctity and serine atmosphere.
  25. Forming groups and gang fights are strictly forbidden and then whoare involving deliberately will bedealt seriously.
  26. . students are not allowed to possess and use mobile phone while on the school campus. If found, Mobile will be confiscated an destoyed.
  27. All the students are strictly advised to keep and maintain the campus clean and neat.

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