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At pre primary and primary level we are following XSEED teaching methodology which has the concept of 5-A’s and each A has its special significance.


Clarify the outcome of every lesson so students know beforehand what they will learn.


Perform an activity to experience concepts first-hand & understand their use and application in real life.


Reflect on the experience & ask probing questions to undercover and understand the concept further.


Practice solving real world problems in the workbook to solidify understanding and build skills.


From class VI onwards we are following all the rules and regulations of CBSE to make our students more innovative. Teachers explain all the topics with the help of activities and real life examples. Teachers use OLABs as suggested by CBSE to make students more practical friendly. We take revision tests after the completion of each chapter to analyse the student’s performance. Each student’s monthly performance has been reported by the teacher to improve his or her academics. As we may have different kinds of students in a class so we use visual method too to teach students to make their concept clearer.

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